Transform Your Kayaking Adventure Affordably

Hand Paddle Kayaks Redefine Efficiency

Navigate with unparalleled agility using the innovative hand paddles, allowing swift turns and effortless control. Embrace a hands-on approach to exploration, from serene lakes to winding rivers, with this cutting-edge, compact design.

Unleash Fluid Maneuvers

Foot Pedal Kayaks redefine ease and precision

Effortlessly navigate waters with hands-free control, allowing for seamless exploration and angling. Embrace a new dimension of kayaking adventure, powered by the fluidity of foot-operated technology.

Embrace the Water in Comfort

Prepare to elevate your aquatic adventures with our premium sit-on-top kayaks, meticulously crafted to offer the perfect blend of performance, comfort, and style. Designed for both beginners and seasoned water enthusiasts, our collection boasts an array of sleek and durable kayaks that provide unparalleled stability and ease of use on various water bodies.

  • Stability

    Compact and stable, caters to both saltwater and freshwater anglers. Its specialized hull design enables easy stand-up casting.

  • Comfort

    Crafted for thrill-seekers, GoMo kayaks ensure lasting comfort with adjustable seats, spacious decks, and user-friendly latches for enduring expeditions.

  • Portability

    Weighing around 40kg, GoMo's lightweight build simplifies loading onto car roofs for convenient transportation to water destinations.

  • Customisation

    Customize your experience with GoMo kayaks, featuring adaptable seating and a versatile rail system for effortless accessory attachment.